[wp-hackers] The next release.

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Oct 23 02:43:50 GMT 2005

Andy Skelton wrote:
> Podz, I would happily submit a patch adding some language to the upgrade script:
> "We're sure you'll be happy with the upgraded version of WordPress but
> we feel obligated to tell you that the upgrade is irreversible. Please
> back up your database and files before continuing."
> This language will probably bring even more questions to the forum,
> but they will at least questions rather than complaints. How do you
> like this suggestion?

I - like many people on this list I'm sure - look after a number of 
installs for people. I installed 1.6 recently in response to a question 
from one of those people. 3 others have seen that install and played 
with it. Not one will be upgrading right now.
They dislike the admin screen, the FAT and that is not outweighed by 
other factors. If someone does not have multiple users, then the 
altering of that part of the code means nothing to them.
The addition of the image uploading might assist one of those 4, but the 
other 3 people ? They still will not upgrade because the end result - 
words on a screen - is made worse by the admin changes. They do not like 
"the experience". The admin screen has not really changed since 1.0.1 - 
this a huge departure.

The admin screen was posted about before and IIRC Skippy posted an 
alternative - that thread was ignored and died.

There are users - not geeks, not coders, just regular people - who may 
not like what appears after clicking "Upgrade" - and given that those 
people have been WP users and supporters, I do not see it as being a Bad 
Thing to be honest and open about what has changed.

(And while I'm on about the Admin - why can't the excerpt be above the 
post area ? It comes first ?)


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