[wp-hackers] Plugin Development Request: gada.be

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Sun Oct 16 07:09:52 GMT 2005

Chris Pirillo wrote:

>>Maybe I'm just thick, but I've clicked all over gada.be, the drupal and
>>everitz pages, and have no idea what this plugin is supposed to do...
>>besides "integrate your site with the new gada.be <http://gada.be/>
>>metasearch service, just by using template tags to provide links right
>>on your entry pages!" which is basically jargon. Links to what?
>>Nice work on the site, by the way!
>Think of it as an alternative to tagging to Technorati. The MT plugin goes
>as far as to let the user add a slug to the end of a keyword to output that
>particular URL (several options are listed on the http://gada.be/about
>page). Does that provide any clarification?
>Thanks for looking. ;)

Yeah, now I get it :)

WordPress has a seriously kick-ass tagging plugin called ultimate tag 
warrior (http://www.neato.co.nz/ultimate-tag-warrior/), and I do think 
the best way to pursue this would be as an option in UTW of how to 
output the tags.

Interestingly, technorati extracts tags from the stuff at the end of a 
url, eg <link rel="tag">foo.com/bar/whatever</a>mytag</a> becomes tagged 
as 'whatever'. Since your engine puts the tags--so to speak--as 
hostnames (ie. http://tag.gada.be/), they won't work as technorati tags. 
I'm not sure whether this is technorati's problem or yours, but it's 
easy to fix by letting searches to gada.be/tag redirect to tag.gada.be.


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