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i used to use referrer-bouncer plugin, but then i needed separate plugins
for comment spam. now bad-behaviour catches all these before a page is

if it seems i'm pushing bad-behaviour so much, it's because i'm sick of

if more people used this or a similar technique that blocks page access from
spambots, it'd make a big difference (for legit users and spammers -
depending on perspective) imho.

john ha

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> I've been very happy with Referrer Karma from
> http://unknowngenius.com/blog/
> It catches thousands of referrer spam hits per day and I suppose it's
> blocking zombies also? It integrates very easily into WordPress and
> cooperates nicely with Spam Karma.
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> Subject: [wp-hackers] Zombies aimed at WordPress
> I apologise to have started a new thread, but there are many new
> dimensions to
> this problem, which increases/spreads exponentially as it seems. All
> occurrences of zombie attacks of this kind (see previous thread for
> context)
> target WordPress... at least the ones I am aware of, having researched
> the Web.
>  The spammers handpick sensitive (read: heavy) WordPress-generated
>  pages. I have
> only comes across 3 occurrences of such attacks, best characterised by
> Tonga
> domains in the referrer field. All occur around the same time across the
> domains.
> The zombies in question are all Windows-based and they almost double in
> number
> on a daily basis. I shall soon collaborate with my Web host (SpamValve
> and Bad
> Behaviour spring to mind). otherwise, considering the current pace of
> expansion, my domain would be isolated from cyberspace.  They are
> eCommerce
> sites whose income depends on the Web and their shops are crippled by
> attacks
> on my site.
> The attacks I know of affect Windows-, Linux-, and Mac-oriented sites,
> so there
> is no O/S zeal as a motive; maybe there is CMS zeal, if at all.
> More evidence of the problems are beginning to resurface. Some of you in
> this
> list might be affected, but have not noticed it yet. This began (for me)
> at the
> start of this month. There were only dozens of attacks at the start so
> they were
> hard to notice among the logs. Use Technorati to find information on the
> attacks
> as it's all fairly recent so unindexed. One source claims that there are
> many
> sites affected, but they choose to remain silent or wait for a diminish
> rather
> than expansion of this disease. Even the mainstream media exposed
> similar
> issues a day ago. Some of you may have heard of the Dutch gang that had
> 100,000
> zombies and planned an attack. They have just been arrested. A friend of
> mine
> said it is a small scale considering what else if out there already.
> I posting this to wp-hackers because it appears to have developed into a
> possible yet-to-be-seen plague that is most detrimental to WordPress.
> Judging
> by the pattern of the attacks, I can make a few speculations. The
> spammers
> hijacks or simply inject a rogue process with hard-coded URL's that vary
> (both
> referrer and target URL vary, thereby making it hard to filter).
> I don't want to get political (admittedly I have the tendency), but who
> is
> liable? It is sure not the host, or Apache, or WordPress (I won't pull
> Matt's
> finger - pun intended). Who is it that used code spaghetti that left a
> gap to
> be exploited in the O/S? Or lazy ISP's that harbour rotten traffic?
> Countries
> of shame in this case are China with thrice as many attacks than Russia
> at
> second. Something must be done. This keeps doubling and affecting more
> blogs.
> Roy
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