[wp-hackers] Cheap webhosts

Bruce Alderson mx at warpedvisions.org
Wed Oct 12 15:07:27 GMT 2005

>> I personally recommend http://www.dreamhost.com/  Very reasonable, PHP,
>> MySQL, full ssh access.
> I rarely require SSH access. SSH is merely a luxury that one can adapt 
> to by
> changing a few habits e.g. using command-line rather than front-ends to 
> file
> management. The last thing I want to do is move away from hosts that 
> served me
> so well with approximately 99.9% uptime, even now that I suffer the spam
> equivalent of the Slashdot Effect on a daily basis.
> I think I once read about Dreamhost.com banning a user from 
> establishment of
> database connections as he was hammering it too hard. That sounds 
> incompetent
> to me as they appeared to have not preceded the move with a gentle warning.
> That's the problem with large 'meat market' companies that perceive their
> clients as 'little people'.

That's certainly not their standard practice, and if it did happen it's 
more likely that the user was not telling the whole story.  I've hosted 
with dozens of hosts over the last ten years, and dreamhost is easily 
the most friendly.

I've had several instances of zombied processes, and a few slashdottings 
(well, boingboingings) on my own sites.  Dreamhost didn't punish me for 
the events, rather they forgave the high bandwidth on those days (saving 
me hundreds of dollars).  A good host, by my measure.

I'm not sure I'd call ssh a luxury either.  As a developer (often of web 
applications), tools like scp, and rsync are minimally required for 
keeping large sites synchronized.  Having tools like CVS, too, make the 
life of a web dev really quite nice.  Try to live without those, with 
only FTP, SMB or web forms?  You would be wasting a lot of time 
incrementally updating by hand (or uploading the whole damned thing).

Bruce Alderson <mx at warpedvisions.org>

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