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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Tue Oct 11 17:14:33 GMT 2005

Roy Schestowitz <r at schestowitz.com> wrote:
|  ...let alone have any access to a console for their /own/ account/s
|  (unless they
|  use cron jobs as a workaround).

some hosts provide SSH access on their shared hosting plans & some 
provide it
for reseller accounts. but I don't think that would cut it though, since 
it requires
fiddeling with the server's firewall rules & that won't be allowed & 
even if you manage
to do it, its a likely bet that you'll be kicked out by your host pretty 
soon after
your feat!! ;)

|  Dougal, I read about SpamValve and I appreciate your suggestion. As 
it's the
|  first time spam of that scale hit me (peaking at over 200 MB of 
|  content
|  per day), I decided to just re-direct to a forbidden (code 403) page. 
This has
|  worked for over a day.

Bad Behavior does something similar, but instead of redirecting to a 403 
its simply uses the die() I think!!

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