[wp-hackers] button patch for comment post section

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Fri Oct 7 01:33:35 GMT 2005

Firas D. wrote:

> Kristian Gavran wrote:
>> Hallo all,
>> my Name is Kristian Gavran and I'm transisting my homepage from a 
>> selfwritten simple CMS system to wordpress.
>> I make good progresses, the transition is already complete. Along the 
>> transition I've found an annoying point in the comment post section.
>> When the user forget to fill in all the needed Information just a 
>> simple error message appears.
> That's a good last-resort in the system, but both included themes 
> should also check this via js onsubmit.
> Submit this as a bug to http://trac.wordpress.org.
WordPress needs a good comb-through for all of those die()-style errors 
so that they can all be removed and replaced with friendlier, more 
informative, theme integral responses.


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