[wp-hackers] Attempt to fix separate subpages w/ same slug name

Mike Matz mike.matz at soletechnology.com
Thu Oct 6 00:47:10 GMT 2005

We're setting up Wordpress as the engine our products-based site is 
running on, and we wanted to have pages set up like this:


However, as you probably know, Wordpress chokes when the slugs are the 
same, even if they are children of separate pages.  I had to work around 
this problem somehow, and this isn't the cleanest way but it works.  I 
just add an extra db query to find the proper post ID, based on each 
parent.  I've attached the patch output in case anyone wants to use this.

diff -rup wordpress/wp-includes/classes.php 
wordpress-working/wp-includes/classes.php > wp-1.5.2-subpage-same-slug.patch


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