[wp-hackers] parse_query filter

Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Wed Oct 5 21:13:26 GMT 2005

Mike Little wrote:
> On 05/10/05, Owen Winkler <ringmaster at midnightcircus.com> wrote:
>>I was looking for a plugin hook that would allow me to inject the
>>query_vars with a value or two before the default posts array is
>>generated.  That's when I came upon this:
>>if ( !empty($query) ) {
>>        do_action('parse_query', array(&$this));
>>Why does $query have to be empty to fire this hook?  There seems to be
>>no other way to modify the query_vars on the home page from a plugin.
> Surely that says *not* empty. I.e only call the hook if there is a
> query to process.

Looks that way to me, yup.

Doug Stewart
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