[wp-hackers] Flexible Installation Proccess

Ali Sattari ali_ix at corelist.net
Tue Nov 29 10:50:57 GMT 2005

And also i18n hackers need to have more control on initial DB insertion 
values. like Links , Describtions and more ... ;)
Mani Monajjemi wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> As an wordpress i18n hacker , I would like to suggest to add some 
> flexibility to current installation proccess, something like what 
> exists as action_hooks , but not that complex, I mean for some i18n 
> porpuses it's vital to add some action_hooks in install proccess, I 
> mean it would be great to include some"fixed name files" in install php.
> If the files exist in specefic folder (like 
> wp-includes/languages/xx/install) they would be included!
> Imagine that for some i18n purposes it's vital to activate some 
> plugins through the setup... It's better than a patch? isn't it?
> -- 
> Mani Monajjemi
> www.manionline.org <http://www.manionline.org>
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