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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Mon Nov 28 13:05:40 GMT 2005

well, there was a theme for the WP1.5 theme competition that Alex King 
that theme was called something like 'Forumed', I'm not sure but it gave 
WordPress blog the look of a forum. maybe that can be your starting 
since the post was displayed as the thread starting topic in that & all
comments to that post looked like the replies!!

Amit Gupta
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  So, I'm setting in on my next big WP project.

  I've been running a forum now for a little bit and, to say the least,
  have been annoyed at the difficulty with which it takes to 
  this hunker (and punbb isn't even that heavy).

  This got me thinking, "gosh, I wish this had the Wordpress API -- it's
  totally awesome for simple patches and fixes." This, in turn, got me 
  thinking, "well, gee, couldn't I just turn WP _into_ a forum?"

  I've been pondering this for a few weeks now and have started on
  development[1], but here's my aim:

  "Utilizing Themes and Plugins, transform Wordpress into forum 

  I thought I might hit up the list for suggestions or ideas. I did some
  googling to see if this had been tried (outside of bbPress) but only
  found things like merging user tables, or including forum software as 

  I figure, Wordpress (2.0, that is) has most of what is needed and the
  rest is just a matter of formatting (themes) and some functionality

    - Topics == Posts
    - Replies == Comments
    - Users == Er, users
    - Profiles == Author Pages

  And plugins could provide optional "on top" functionality like
    - Subscribe to forum/thread via email
    - Avatar support
    - More User Meta
    - Image Upload (sorta already built in)
    - Signatures
    - Polls
    - ... and other things - a lot of which already has some sort of WP
  Plugin made!

  Anywho, just looking for some input about the idea.

    [1] http://wpforum.jrm.cc/ (Nowhere near ready)


  Jeff Minard

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