[wp-hackers] new: WordPress Validator plug-in

Dan Sandler dsandler at dsandler.org
Mon Nov 21 22:51:56 GMT 2005

On Nov 19, 2005, at 6:04 PM, Phil Ringnalda wrote:

> Were it me, I would have said something more like "new release of  
> the plugin we told you about back in August, which now adds foo and  
> bar..."

Sorry about that.  The project's changed hands a couple of times  
(sometimes unavoidable with student projects), so I'm not sure  
everyone knew about previous announcements made to this list.

> Absolutely. The plugin could just as easily be called "Turn  
> Trackback into Pingback" (as Matt noted when they first announced  
> it). [...] You are of course free to ignore any ping that doesn't  
> link to you, just like you are free to ignore any ping that  
> includes the word "pink" and any ping that doesn't include "blue,"  
> but it's very much open to false positives.

This is absolutely true.  Here's my take on why this is still  
useful:  The common case of Trackbacks is blogs linking to other  
blogs, where this additional reciprocal-link constraint seems  
reasonable.  (These same blogs are also the common-case target of  
Trackback spam.)  If this model doesn't match the way you use  
Trackback, this plugin probably isn't something you want to install.

---dan, previous owner of the Validator project :)

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