[wp-hackers] Lost Password

Ron Guerin ron at vnetworx.net
Sat Nov 19 17:04:49 GMT 2005

Stewart Ugelow wrote:
>>>If the host computer is Windows and smtp settings haven't been
>>>configured in  PHP.ini or via an ini_set() command, that e-mail will
>>>never arrive.
>>That was completely irrelevant, we assume you can set up your server
>>if you plan on running WordPress (or your host can set up your
> Take a look at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/24981 and tell me if
> that's a safe assumption. It sure ain't a part of the 5-minute
> install.

Well, the point is, that for all practical purposes a Web hosting server 
without working outbound mail is a broken server.  This is a problem
beyond the scope of WordPress.  They are not wrong to assume a
properly-configured, non-broken host that provides minimal standard
behavior, regardless of the operating system and specific
implementations of those standard services.  It is true that there are
hosting services doing dumb things as well, but this too is beyond the
scope of a WordPress install.  The marketplace will take care of those 
hosting services that deliberately break things.

There is already a page: http://wordpress.org/hosting/
that page lists hosting services "which meet the WordPress minimum
requirements", and I would suggest that these are minimal indeed, but
that http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ ought to be updated a bit
to include:

   * Working outbound SMTP via the PHP Mail() function

And it should also probably mention that it is helpful to be able to
send mail using the domain name you're paying for the use of as opposed
to having to send it as the name of the Web server.

Has anyone tried running WordPress under PHP "Safe Mode"?

- Ron

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