[wp-hackers] Lost Password

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Sat Nov 19 16:49:10 GMT 2005

Stewart Ugelow wrote:
> > And if you give the key an expiration of, say, 5 minute it'd be all the
> > more effective. (Maybe 10 -- who can't get an email in 10 minutes...)
> If the host computer is Windows and smtp settings haven't been
> configured in  PHP.ini or via an ini_set() command, that e-mail will
> never arrive.

The point of the thread is determining a better way to handle Lost 
Password's. Both the current way or a revised way (keys, expirations, 
whatnot) will require a working email setup -- that's kinda going off topic.

And as stated later on in the thread, the assumption of a working mail() 
function is not far fetched.


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