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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Sun Nov 13 21:32:04 GMT 2005

Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
|  I disagree that this should be a default plugin.  Notification of
|  updates for posts and comments should really be occuring with RSS and
|  Atom feeds (whenever we get back Atom for comments, hint hint).  For
|  those people who categorically reject embracing the new technology, 
|  plugins exist (as do services like Bloglet (www.bloglet.com)). 
|  subscribe-to-comments (or my own subscribe2 plugin for new post
|  notifications) would be a step back from the utility of syndication.

yes, I agree with you, but the problem most non-techies have with RSS is 
that they
have to download & install a seperate software for aggregating the feeds 
or signup
for one more service like Bloglines to stay in touch.

Now people might argue that these guys can simply use LiveBookmarks for 
FireFox or
Opera but there's no denying the fact that IE still has the major 
share(more than 80%
last I read). Another arguement can be that they can use Thunderbird as 
their email
client but then there are a lot of users of Outlook/Outlook Express who 
simply wouldn't
want to change their preferred email client just b'coz of this. As I 
remember, there is
an addon for Outlook as well to syndicate feeds but that's not free & 
the point again
is that of downloading & installing a new software.

Another arguement that goes against syndication of feeds(as far as 
non-techies are
concerned) is that they add up as a clutter in the aggregator. I mean, 
say they subscribe
to 100 or so posts on different blogs, now this will keep increasing. On 
the otherhand
with email notification, its just subscribe & forget as far as the end 
user is concerned.
They just get an email when there's a comment on a post they subscribed 
to, no matter
how old that post is(if you were thinking about deleting old feeds from 
the aggregator).

I thought that technology was about making lives easy & improving 
usability, not to make
lives more complicated!!

I'd welcome any comments on my thoughts above!! :)

Amit Gupta
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