[wp-hackers] 2-3 plugins

Douglas Daulton apakuni at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 19:06:47 GMT 2005

1)  Comment Spam Management
I echo all of the sentiment for a default comment spam plug-in.  I use Bad
behavior and Spam Karma and love them.  This is such an important issue that
perhaps it deserves core/API level attention.

2) Contact Form
This is such a simple, light (code wise) thing to accomplish, it should be a
default Page.  If folks don't need it, they turn it off.  I do not think
that will be the case that often.

3) DB Backup Tools
When reviewing plug-in install or core upgrade docs, one is always prompted
to back up the DB first.  I am can handle MySQL from the CLI, the vast
majority of users cannot. So, I'd install a DB backup plug-in by default, or
better yet write a simple tool into the core.  It needn't be elaborate.

A)  Set back up configs (email or local file).  If email, provide email

B) Provide a "Backup DB Now" Button.  On click, it dumps the MySQL DB to a
file in wordpress/backups and gives it a date/timestamp in the filename.  If
email is selected, it emails said file (or a link to it) to the assigned
email address.

C) Measures like password-protected/encrpted archives could be used to
ensure data security.

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