[wp-hackers] 2-3 plugins

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Sat Nov 12 21:12:36 GMT 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> If you could bundle 2-3 plugins with the next release of WordPress, what 
> would they be?

* Spam
   I like Akismet. I like the idea and implementation. I like that fact 
that it is, essentially, BUILT to work with Wordpress. Straight forward, 
simple to use, and highly effective. If there was someway to give 
akismet users an easy way to register and get an API key built into the 
plugin (a sort of 'welcome to akismet, got a key? enter here or get one 
here' screen after activation) then it would be the ideal choice.

* Stats
   I did a nice port of ShortStat at one point (wp-shortstat), but it'd 
need some work to get it ready for 1.6 (shoot, it doesn't even work in 
1.5 anymore because of various tiny changes to the core :/ ) However, 
most of the work on this is done and is ready to be extended to include 
fun WP specific stats (rss feed pulls, user comment count stats, etc 
etc). Plus with all the AJAX we're throwing into WP, you could add some 
'Mint-like' fun to it.

* Gallery
   The 1.6 functionality of being able to do inline upload and drag&drop 
is cool, but it ultimately falls short of the goal of having some kind 
of gallery functionality. This could be substituted for by including a 
high quality Flickr plugin -- but that would come back to the same issue 
Akismet has of needing another account on another service (except that 
Flickr accounts are easier to get)


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