[wp-hackers] 2-3 plugins

Graeme Lennon graeme at samurai.com
Sat Nov 12 08:28:34 GMT 2005

I have a few plugins that I consider absolutely essential, but I tend to
think that they are things that should be part of the main application,
rather than actual additional add-ons.

I'm thinking of things like Time Zone (real TZ functionality), Preview
Post (which is now in 1.6) and Fancy Excerpt (because WP's default
excerpts are rubbish).

So actually, that's not really an answer at all.

As a more general comment, I think that the choices should be reflect
functionality that is definitely optional, but encourages (rather than
enforces) what WP backs as best-practice. So, I agree with everyone who
has recommended at least one anti-spam plugin. Other things that may
fall in this category are things like Google Sitemaps and other
SEO-targeted plugins, Technorati/del.icio.us/whatever blogosphere
integration plugins, and maybe a detailed statistics plugin.

We're doing two things: showing off the power of plugins (which, to be
frank, Hello, Dolly really doesn't) and introducing new technologies (we
 should be aiming for a "wow, I dind't know blogs could do that!").


Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> If you could bundle 2-3 plugins with the next release of WordPress, what
> would they be?
> Criteria to keep in mind:
> * Size (smaller the better)
> * Stability
> * Maturity
> * Popularity

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