[wp-hackers] 2-3 plugins

Jon Abad jonabad at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 05:12:18 GMT 2005

Spam Fighting certainly.
Maybe in the form of SK2, Bad Behavior, maybe Akismet.
Each one has their pros and cons to go into a default install though...
SK2 is like a swiss army knife which is great for the power user but 
overwhelming to the newbie...
Bad Behavior is silent and deadly to all spammers but without an 
interface, definitely bad for newbies.
And Akismet... depending on how keys are distributed in the future... It 
seems a little convoluted to ask people to get Flock to then get a 
WP.Com blog to get the key to put into the original WP install.
My money and time would go towards Bad Behavior with a light front end 
to manage the whitelist.

Editor Search
Makes finding code in the theme/plugin editor much much easier.

Enhanced Post Listing is functionality that should be baked in to 
WordPress IMHO.

Edit Comments is also hot. it gets a +1

Jon Abad

Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> If you could bundle 2-3 plugins with the next release of WordPress, 
> what would they be?
> Criteria to keep in mind:
> * Size (smaller the better)
> * Stability
> * Maturity
> * Popularity

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