[wp-hackers] Setup fonts might be a tiny bit above average sizeunder some circumstances

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Sun Nov 6 13:50:32 GMT 2005

David Chait wrote:
> See, and here I thought you were complaining about the fact the
> smaller fonts are pixellated and not anti-aliased!  I guess I'm used
> to seeing interfaces that don't fit, especially em-based ones, given
> that em-size changes based on your settings in your browser.  It's
> for that reason that I myself moved my site back to fixed pixel
> sizes, which hurts usability at one level but gives me design control.
> I would agree that it was likely purposeful.  However, it may very
> well be that the font being mapped to on your box has a base em size
> larger than whatever was tested with, as well as possibly a larger
> character spacing too.  Could also be that the Gnome browser is
> mapping a different (larger) base font size, don't know.
> I would guess it could be tweaked to be say 1.5em so that it fits on
> your box, assuming your box is in some way a good 'reference' point
> to base off of.  But I don't have a clean install I can 'reset' here
> at the moment -- anyone want to snapshot a windows-based screen (or
> Graeme can snap a linux screen) that 'seems to look right'?

Thanks for understanding this issue and help fix it! As I can't reject
that it could be an issue on my box, I'd like that too. I'm using 9pt
Luxi Sans for GTK apps whereas the default is 10pt Sans (which on a box
without Microsoft's fonts installed would be Bitstream Vera Sans.)

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