[wp-hackers] Setup fonts might be a tiny bit above average size under some circumstances

Graeme Lennon graeme at samurai.com
Fri Nov 4 05:45:30 GMT 2005

This is silly.

If your objection was that you don't like the large font-size, that's
cool. It's not an accident. I suggest rephrasing this entire
conversation as:

"I don't like the large text on the buttons."

To which the reply will be:



Mark Rosenstand wrote:
> Short: The problem is that WordPress uses "font-size: 1.7em;" for the
> text fields and buttons.
> Long (and rude because of know-all attitude):
> Roy Schestowitz cluelessly wrote:
>> _____/ On Thu 03 Nov 2005 23:43:37 GMT, [Mark Rosenstand] wrote :
>> \_____
>>> Hey list,
>>> I was wondering if you are aware of how ugly the WordPress setup is
>>> on a default GNOME desktop.
>>> http://borkware.net/~mark/wp-setup.png
>>> http://borkware.net/~mark/wp-login.png
>> Putting aside the fact that "madness" is an overstatement to describe
>> what I  see above,
> Sorry, fixed.
>> it is a matter of which distribution you happen to be using.
> Standard fonts are distributed with X.org.
>> It varies depending on which fonts you happen to have installed.
> Not if you test with the standard fonts of the most common
> operating systems instead of assuming that the entire world uses
> Microsoft's fonts.
>> I agree, however,  that  font sets can always be made more generous.
> No need to, the standard ones are both excellent and plenty.
>> Have  you  in- stalled  any  TrueType fonts packages yet?
> $ find /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts -name '*.ttf' |wc -l
> 22
>> If not, you are likely  to  see more of the same in other Web sites.
> No, the rest of the web looks great, just like it has done for the
> past six years. But of course the rest of the web isn't doing this:
> 	<style type="text/css">
> 	#log, #pwd, #submit {
> 		font-size: 1.7em;
> 	}
> 	</style>
>> I have just tried Ubuntu (GNOME) on a remote host, just as a proof of
>> con- cept.  It all looked fine to me, i.e. no low-resultion fonts.
> Ubuntu isn't a standard.
>> Catering for each individual distro (they come with different fonts)
>> is hard. The least you  can  do is download more packages of font.
> It must be really hard to be a web developer with all those evil Linux
> distributions. Oh boy am I glad you are willing to share your deep
> insight with me. But please don't mind doing so in the future.
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