[wp-hackers] New Feature: get_categories function

John Keyes john at integralsource.com
Thu Nov 3 23:35:30 GMT 2005


I posted this on the support forum tonight, where it
was recommended to post it here so you guys get to
read it.

I have an archive dropdown working as follows:

<select onchange="if (this.selectedIndex != 0) { window.location = 
this[this.selectedIndex].value; }">
   <option>Choose Month...</option>
   <?php get_archives('monthly','','option'); ?>

I think a category dropdown that works in a similar fashion would be 
great e.g. get_categories('format', 'name', 'before', 'after'); ?>

<select onchange="if (this.selectedIndex != 0) { window.location = 
this[this.selectedIndex].value; }">
   <option>Choose Category...</option>
   <?php get_categories('option', 'name'); ?>

Of course this is not possible at the moment using the dropdown_cats 
function as it creates the <select>, therefore preventing me from adding 
the onchange attribute. It also sets the value attribute of each option 
to it's index rather than the category URL which is required for 
changing the window.location.

Has this type of functionality been considered before?

-John K

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