[wp-hackers] Ping-O-Matic API updated

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Tue May 31 10:13:25 GMT 2005

As many of you know as of 1.5 the link update system started using the 
Ping-O-Matic API instead of processing the 3MB+ changes.xml file. This 
was a lot faster for everyone, and weblogs.com seems to be stabler since 
we stopped all the WP blogs from hitting it all the time, but as several 
people noted the PoM API was only returning blogs that it knew about, 
which was much fewer than go through Weblogs.com. Anyway it's all the 
same now, Ping-O-Matic is now parsing several sources including 
weblogs.com for update information, so the quality of updates should be 
as good or better as when everyone was manually parsing changes.xml.

Matt Mullenweg
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