[wp-hackers] Wordpress plugin system

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue May 31 00:56:51 GMT 2005

There's two things involved here: iffy programming, and not enough control 
of filters. ;)

At some level what Denis is asking for is more control of when filtering is 
done on certain types of content.  However, I'm guessing that the 
permutations may be highly complex...

On the iffy programming side, KNOWING that other plugins might filter a 
given field, OR that other data MIGHT need to be left intact, a plugin can 
be engineered a bit, well, 'smarter'.  For instance, FeedWordPress could 
have (should have!) embedded something into a meta field of its posts, so 
that when it DOES go to rewrite urls, it ONLY does it on ITS posts... That's 
just plain common sense, versus 'shortcuts' to not code the more proper 

I think the filters/actions stuff needs to be expanded, but not sure what is 
truly needed.  This won't be a quick process, probably something to put on 
the v2 list but start discussing now. ;)

One thing that might be useful is an optional param for 'where' the filter 
is being applied from (in theory, something like main (loop), secondary 
(loop), sidebar, etc.).  Add to that all requests for data are migrated to 
specifying their 'where' location, and you're close.  Also, could then 
request data without filtering maybe, or better would be to have plugins 
specify whether they are core/required filters or secondary processing. 
Something like that.  Dunno, just brainstorming here! ;)


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> Well, in my case, it was more on the lines of apply smart links this way
> when the post is the 'main' post, and that way when it is not. I predict
> disasters in the long term for relying on wp globals to do this.
> Likewise, feedwordpress changes the url of all of the permalinks of my
> recent posts plugins when I enable the 'posts point to their original
> source' option.

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