[wp-hackers] Start of new themes page

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sat May 28 22:22:31 GMT 2005

Jeff Minard wrote:
> Make each "theme & title & download link" section take up the entire 
> post width. That little 30 pixels of extra theme is annoying.

It's so people know to scroll, which you correctly called.

> Once that's done, you'll say "How do they know to go to the next post!?" 
> Add a JS link that auto-scrolls the pane X pixels left/right for "Next 
> Theme" and "Previous Theme".

I can put anchors on the page, could you code up the JS using that 
smooth scrolling thing you've got? It would be awesome if we had:

Theme | Theme | Theme | Theme
Theme | Theme | Theme | Theme


theme box ------->


              << prev | next >>

When you click on a Theme it should highlight that link and then do a 
smooth scroll to it. (Like on Dunstan's site.)

By the way, credit should go to Chris Messina for the idea for the 
layout for this page.

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