[wp-hackers] Strange file permissions

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Fri May 27 20:11:54 GMT 2005


Not sure if it's Wordpress doing it, but my WP file permissions keep changing to 755 of their own accord, even after I've reset them to 644. It could be WP (1.5.1-RC-2.7182818), or it could be something else. I've searched through all the files in the distrib to find a chmod 755, but there is no reference to this. Only the WP .php files are affected (plugins included). Files unrelated to WP are not affected. I'm stumped as to what's doing this.

And one more thing, I get an empty 'test' database appearing in my database every now and then. I'd drop it, then sometime later (not sure how long - days, months) it'd reappear.

So far with these weird events, nothing bad has happened but I'd still like to know what's causing all this. Any insights would be great. Thanks!
John Ha
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