[wp-hackers] 1.5.2 or on to 1.6?

Gabriel White gabrielwhite at gmail.com
Wed May 25 08:16:10 GMT 2005

Hi Denis,

I appreciate the apology. No offense was taken.

> The key requirements (say, 80% of the accesses to the
> admin menu?) are:
> - Create new post, page, link
> - List of new comments
> - (for multi-user blogs) List of new posts
> - Check latest WP/Blog news in dashboard
> - Moderate comments, quickly get rid of spam

I agree that making posts and moderating comments are the two most
important (and frequent) actions. Managing existing content then comes

Maybe the thing that was missing in my document was the statement of
something along the lines of "the second level item would be selected
by default" - i.e. that if you selected "Comments", the default
selection would be "Awaiting moderation". That is, it wouldn't take
two clicks to get to comment moderation. Same goes for all the other
parts of my proposed IA.

I've gone for sticking most of the other stuff under Configuration
because these are things that are not frequently accessed in most
cases and are a distraction in the current IA.

So, the result is a better organized IA, along with efficient access
to the important stuff.

So, given my clarification above, I'm not sure that the issue you
raise is still a major concern.

BUT, the IA was the one part of the document I would have liked to
spend longer working on. And I'm not wedded to my proposal. I think
that the key things to achieve in a redesign are:

- Quick posting, comment moderation
- Quick content management
- Grouping together config stuff that's now scattered around the place

Given that direct access to posting and comment moderation is
available from the standard horizontal navigation, I'm not sure it's
necessary to provide additional links on the body of the dashboard
page; this is likely to cause confusion. Though contextual access to
these actions (i.e. if new comments listed on the Dashboard looked
something like "Gabriel on Latest Post - Approve | Delete | Edit")
could be a useful thing to explore.


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