[wp-hackers] IXR 1.7-beta

Kimmo Suominen kimmo+key+wordpress.c4f53f at suominen.com
Mon May 23 22:59:28 GMT 2005

On Mon, May 23, 2005 at 11:48:51AM -0700, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> David House wrote:
> >Simon Willison has released [1] a new version of IXR, which (among
> >other things) merges the changes WP has made to the project. It's
> >still in beta so we way want to wait a bit before upgrading, but I
> >thought I'd draw the community's attention to this.
> If we had a diff it would make merging easier.

I find that it helps to import 3rd party software into a vendor branch
so that it is easier to produce diffs between the imported version and

- the modified version used locally
- future vendor versions

Just my 0.02e  :-)

+ Kim
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