[wp-hackers] 1.5.2 or on to 1.6?

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon May 23 04:20:20 GMT 2005

Well, as far as the 1.5.1 release not being tested heavily, nobody can point 
the finger at anybody for this. A few days before the release it was posted 
on the testers list that a release was nearing and to try to push everyone's 
installs to the limit to find bugs. The list was literally silent for about 
3 days, so with nothing breaking, 1.5.1 was released. Then bugs started 
popping up left and right.

The whole point in 1.5.1 development was to freeze the feature set and do a 
bugfix release, and in fact that is all that has happened. With<>,
I think we're already at that very solid 1.5 core, and ready for the next 
release development. If major bugs are found in <>, 
then sure, release 1.5.2 and such, but don't hold back on developing
1.6waiting for bugs in
1.5 to be found and fixed.

On 5/22/05, Dave Mussulman <mussulma at uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
> > I wanted some community feedback on where we should go next with
> > development. There are basically two directions we could go right now,
> > one is to a 1.5.2 release which focuses on incremental changes and
> > improvements to the very-solid 1.5 base, or we could start working on
> > adding some major functionality changes for a 1.6 release. (I realize
> > this could happen at the same time, I don't think we should branch
> > development.)
> Apologies if this message comes off as harsh. I'm satisfied with
> WordPress and I understand how difficult managing a large OSS project
> can be, especially with a large surge of users/interest/development.
> That being said....
> I started on WP with 1.2.1 when the 1.3 betas were out, and didn't
> upgrade/try them because I was still getting my feet wet. Then, 1.5
> released and I figured I would lurk the hackers list and found out how
> the new release was. I read about a few minor to major bugs and knew
> there would be a 1.5.1 release and decided to wait until that. Then,
> after 1.5.1 there were quite a few bug reports noted immediately after
> the release, and I read a 1.5.2 release would quickly follow to address
> some of these. I'm still waiting for that release (although checking
> the download site now I see a <> release that I 
> didn't see
> announced here -- come to think of it, I'm not sure I saw the 1.5.1
> release announced here either.)
> I'm still at 1.2.2 waiting for a "very-solid 1.5 base." New development
> and major functionality growth are important, but IIRC a few of the
> 1.5.1 bugs were not 1.5 bug fixes but new features that were not tested
> well enough before a release (and are still awaiting a public release to
> fix them.) So my two cents goes for splitting the trunk -- getting the
> claimed "very solid 1.5 base" (via 1.5.2 or 1.5.3 or...) and leave the
> new development for 1.6+ versions. I'm not recommending dual
> development, but we should be quick on the 1.5 point releases to fix
> bugs, especially while 1.6 is in the roadmap stage.
> I think you should solidify/freeze the 1.5 feature set, and aggressively
> resolve all of the bugs in that feature set, with multiple point
> releases if necessary. Once that's done, 1.5 should be "very-solid" and
> you're free to put the new features in 1.6. But don't hold back the
> existing fixes in a 1.5.2 release because you want to redo/refactor
> something else.
> I don't lurk the testers list (because I'm not testing the nightly
> builds,) so some of this might already be happening -- but I think the
> best development improvement in WP would be improving the WP release and
> testing practices. This is especially true when looking at majorly
> restructuring how things work in 1.6. Would a better
> pre-release/release-candidate for 1.5.1 have fixed some of the first-day
> bugs?
> Dave
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