[wp-hackers] 1.5.2 or on to 1.6?

Michael Hampton error10 at gmail.com
Sun May 22 10:52:11 GMT 2005

On 5/22/05, Mark Jaquith <mark.wordpress at txfx.net> wrote:
> - Backwards compatibility

If we break backwards compatibility, we should bump the major version number.

> - mod_rewrite defaults

Is the problem with mod_rewrite rules because of mod_rewrite, or WP?
My understanding of this problem is that it's WP getting these
"wrong," not mod_rewrite.

I don't like the idea of doing "presets" for permalink structures; I
much prefer fixing WP so that it can handle more permalink structures;
preferably any structure that has a good chance to uniquely identify a
post. (Barring a blogger making two posts with the same slug on the
same day, which has happened.)

> - plugin hooks
> More hooks, please!  We should have a plugin hook brainstorming
> session.

Definitely more hooks.

> - Pages

Pages are pretty much the same as posts as far as the database is
concerned; why not just treat them equally?

> - get_currentuserinfo()

Globals are bad, mmmkay? Just give me ONE at most, and make sure it's
populated by the time PHP starts parsing my plugin or theme.

> - Theme Installation

I think someone's working on a WP Theme Mangler.

> - Critial update notification

This is definitely a good idea. Of course, it would help if we can
agree that keeping a 1.5 branch open is a good idea, first!

> - Beer fetching

This is definitely the most important feature that needs to go into 1.6!

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