[wp-hackers] Localizing a theme

Stefano steagl at people.it
Sat May 21 16:26:58 GMT 2005

I was unlucky about thi on polyglots ML, that looked the right place,
so now i try here:

Time ago I read on Forum that if a theme is "gettexted" and a .mo file
named the same of the language specified in the config.php file is
present the theme will show up using the .mo file translations.

It talks about the load_theme_textdomain() funztion to be inserted at
the top of the theme (I suppose index.php) to load the ranslation file
if present.

Now I have a user that made a theme and localized it generated the
it_IT.mo file put it in the theme directory but the them show up still
in english. I Inserted the load_theme_textdomain() funtion as first
line of the index.php with same result.

The similar function load_plugin_textdomain() works as a charm.

What's wrong with it ? Thanks


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