[wp-hackers] feed:http://address problem

Stefano steagl at people.it
Thu May 19 09:31:01 GMT 2005

Il Wed, 18 May 2005 12:33:55 -0700, Matthew Mullenweg
<m at mullenweg.com> scrive:

>There is a point where we must decide to embrace emerging standards in 
>order to provide the best experience and encourage adoption. The same 
>argument you're making could have been made against using XHTML and CSS 
>a few years ago, but that bet has worked out pretty well for WordPress.

You right, but actually on WP Italy forum i got more questions about
feed: not working than 1.5.1 RSS problems, till the mainstream sw used
by people (and FF is one of it) doens't embrace that emerging
standards we will have lot of people complaining feed doesn't works.

In the 1.5.1 (beta) localized theme  i've removed the feed: statement
to avoid problem, for 1.5.2 final i'm planning to add a note in a
leggimi.txt file explaining why we use feed: and how to easily remove
it if people find problem with it... this as a system to support the
emerging standard and avoiding tons of questions on the forum, having
FF supporting it would be a great step to expanding this standard, on
wordpress-it.it we have 50% of people using FF meaning that WP
bloggers like open source a lot not only for blogging and this it's
great :)

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