[wp-hackers] feed:http://address problem

Terrence Wood tdw at funkive.com
Wed May 18 22:31:48 GMT 2005

Matt, hang out with some real users once and a while. Not everyone on 
the net is a tech-savvy early adopter who constantly updates their 
software -- the update cycle in the real world is very slow.

I would be wary of making changes of this nature at such an early stage 
(viz "...plan to in the future"). Don't break things for (bleeding) 
edge cases.

My preferred solution is transform feeds with xslt and provide 
additional instruction on how to subscribe on the resulting page rather 
than breaking things for 99% of the net... you could have your feed 
protocol link on that page if you insist.

Later you make a point later in this thread about the adoption of XHTML 
+ CSS as a means to justify early adoption of the feed protocol. The 
reality is the uptake on these was pretty slow... defined in the late 
90's they only really gained any *real* traction around 5 years after 
the fact, and most of us are still working around IE's lousy standards 

Terrence Wood.

On 19 May 2005, at 6:02 AM, Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
> Safari RSS, most feed aggregators, the Yahoo toolbar, etc all either 
> register the feed: protocal or plan to in the future. Chances are if 
> you have an aggregator that link works far better than dumping you on 
> a screen with a bunch of XML. If your aggregator doesn't support feed: 
> I would file a bug with them.

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