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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun May 15 07:59:07 GMT 2005

Standards or not, I agree that we should be blocking GWA - after all, if 
coders here are working hard to prevent unnecessary bandwidth use due to 
a dodgy feed, then blocking GWA from sucking in huge amounts of data 
just has to be top of the list.
"Hey, my page doesn't change"
"Clear your cache, clear your cookies, try another browser, try another 
"Done that!"
"Okay, email Google and ask them to clear THEIR cache. Give them a week 
or two."
.........no thanks.

I don't see though how this is causing the issue posted though. Either 
way, if there is a "Junk Host" list, then Bravenet need to be on that.


Ryan Boren wrote:

> Google Web Accelerator?
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