[wp-hackers] 1.5.1++ Bug List

Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Thu May 12 14:22:38 GMT 2005

0001351: quicktag "ins" and "del" format datetime attribute incorrectly

I just discovered this problem when I edited a post and added a new 
<ins> element. After fiddling with the javascript console, it appears 
that the Date.getTimezoneOffset() function is returning a positive 
number, even when the offset is negative (tested in Firefox 1.0.3 and IE6).

Additionally, when the offset is positive, we're not putting in the '+' 
symbol between the time and the timezone offset.

It's minor, but a bug's a bug :)

Dougal Campbell <dougal at gunters.org>

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