[wp-hackers] Plugin initialization and pluggable functions

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue May 10 19:18:29 GMT 2005

Is this something new in 1.5.1?  If so, would have been nice to get advance 
warning out to plugin authors.  (At least, it's the first I've heard of 
it... don't know yet how it'll affect my stuff!) ;)

This in an effort to allow plugins to replace certain functionality, or in 
an effort to reduce loaded code?


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> With the advent of pluggable-functions.php, plugins cannot assume that
> all core functions are loaded when the plugin is first run (Notably
> get_currentuserinfo).  Plugins that call get_currentuserinfo() or other
> pluggable functions during init should probably do their init in
> response to the 'plugins_loaded' or 'init' actions rather than at plugin
> load time.
> Ryan
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