[wp-hackers] Input type=password for protected posts

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Mon May 9 11:12:52 GMT 2005

Chetan Kunte wrote:
> I'm using Password protect blog posts a lot for personal posts. I was
> following the discussion when someone suggested that password field
> should be defined input type=password instead of text (with a counter
> argument that when you're keying the password in the admin, you're
> actually doing it in plain text).
> The point is that someone can oversee what you're typing while
> browsing (much less while logged in Admin console) like at home where
> you have guests and you want to show some private excursion trips, but
> do not want them to access from their homes) or you're using password
> protect at work but someone may oversee your typing the password.
> I guess, I've typed much more for a one-line/word change that I could
> do it myself, but I guess, this may help propogate the idea towards
> becoming part of the original download from WordPress.org.

I thought this was fixed in 1.5.1

Ryan Duff
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