[wp-hackers] BOTD 0.4

Jefte Puente jp at jefte.net
Wed May 4 02:54:55 GMT 2005

I've enjoyed watching this plugin from its inception to this release. Lets 
hope the server holds up, or hope for some gracious donations for new 
servers quick! Good job Andy and others!
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> After many nights of plugin competition deadline-induced insomnia, Blogs 
> of the Day plugin 0.4 is ready! Thanks to the great input on this list, I 
> have handled the following problems:
> - Templates with not exactly one loop broke BOTD, inciting the REQUEST_URI 
> hack. I moved most of the code onto the template_redirect hook and changed 
> the way it finds the Post/Page ID. It now works no matter how loopy your 
> template is; the only requirements are wp_head and wp_footer.
> - Feed support is in the planning phase! Archives and searches are still 
> unsupported and probably will remain so.
> - BOTD displays sloppy titles and cannot categorize lists. I added a few 
> short meta tags for BOTD to grab and parse:
> meta name='botd:version' content='0.4'
> meta name='botd:home' content='http://www.skeltoac.com'
> meta name='botd:name' content='Skeltoac'
> meta name='botd:title' content='Links'
> meta name='botd:type' content='page'
> - Image not downloaded? I reverted the display default to "block" and 
> reduced the image width and height properties to zero. You can reset them 
> to 80x15 in the code if you are so inclined. You can also place the image 
> wherever you like in your template. Many people will want it in their 
> links list but that is still in the dreaming phase.
> "THANK YOU" to all those who have helped so far. Please update your plugin 
> with the code at blogsoftheday.com and email me with any questions, 
> comments or requests unless they would be of interest to this list.
> Now I have a lot of work to do on the server!
> Andy Skelton
> www.skeltoac.com
> www.blogsoftheday.com
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