[wp-hackers] Mailman-style Blog Archiving

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Mon May 2 14:58:22 GMT 2005

Scott Merrill wrote:
> Some complaints I have:
> * Blog discussions have a flat hierarchy: everything is in response to
> one top-level post.
> * Blog comment permalinks are inseperable from their parent post.
> * pingbacks and trackbacks are (IMHO) inelegant means for participation
> in a conversation.

The are all things I'd hope we could address before implementing this. :)

> But careful consideration helped me realize what specifically it was
> about a mailing list that I found so valuable: archives.

Bingo! And think if people could do the same sort of search you do 
without having to have been subscribed to the list forever.

> for post-only and comment-only permalinks respectively; and an overview
> could be made similar to the display at:
>    http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-hackers/2005-May/thread.html

I think it would be even more useful if it could show the current post 
as well as the context on one page, instead of having to go back and forth.

> pingbacks.  In order to provide a coherent view of the conversation in
> one archive display, full-post *backs would be necessary.  If an

I agree full caching would be necessary, also because we don't want the 
discussion to fragment if someone's blog goes down.

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