[wp-hackers] Page Versioning Plugin Testing

Brian Groce wp at watershedstudio.com
Wed Mar 30 03:14:20 GMT 2005

Jeff Minard wrote:

> Brian Groce wrote:
>> Within  the next week I plan on having the page versioning plugin 
>> ready for beta testing, so if you use the pages feature quite a bit 
>> and are interested in testing the plugin out, please let me know.
> As "pages" are just posts in a very clever guise, will this plugin 
> also work with posts?
> Jeff

Yeah...at least for the moment I'm not looking to see it's static or not.

I'll probably wait to see how people are using it to determine if 
there's a usefullness for separate plugins (posts & pages), but for my 
need I'm just taking away the option for users to add posts...using it 
as a CMS, not a blog.


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