[wp-hackers] is_email

Mihailo Stefanovic mikis at mikis.org
Sat Mar 26 10:01:42 GMT 2005

> > (?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:(?:(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] 
> >  [...etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...]
> > \t])*))*\>(?:( ?:\r\n)?[ \t])*))*)?;\s*)
> Wow. That just kicks ass :)
> Maybe not very practical, but very ass-kicking.

I've just read in a Harry Fuecks' book "PHP Anthology" that full regular
expression, which correctly validates every possible email address, is more
than 6 KB long :)) You can find it in O'Reilly book "Mastering Regular

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