[wp-hackers] dev.wp-plugins.org bug reporting

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Fri Mar 25 22:53:34 GMT 2005

> (The real #2)
> A way to deploy would be great. I thought this was why we were moving to 
> it, but for those of us that would like to deploy a .zip with a readme 
> or whatever else inside, there is no way other than still hosting it on 
> our own sites.
> (The real #3)
> I also began to notice problems with people using my current svn files 
> instead of the latest stable, and am currently getting frequent claims 
> it doesn't work. (Mainly because the stable install instructions are 
> different from the current svn ones).

Numbers 2 and 3 ought to be handled soon. Rumor mill puts in that there 
is some kind of automated plugin packaging system coming to 
wp-plugins.org soon. Hence the request for readme.txt's and screenshot 
files a while back.

However, the problem with those systems is that they are based on, you 
guessed it, the trunk files!



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