[wp-hackers] Degrading gracefully with deactivated plugins?

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri Mar 25 10:45:50 GMT 2005

Morgan Doocy wrote:

> Something along the lines of:
> call_plugin_function($function_name, $arg1, $arg2, ..., $argn);
> This would be a cinch to implement, and is appreciably cleaner than 
> if() wrappers -- but on the other hand it would require a lot of 
> education to get folks to use the go-between, and require a lot of 
> plugin authors to update their documentation in solidarity with the 
> "best practice."
> Seems to me that if we did add something like this, it would only 
> serve to benefit users, even if only a small percentage knew about it 
> or used it: If they don't use it, they see no change from the status 
> quo; if they do, they see a benefit in graceful degradation.
> Thoughts?

I use <?php if ( function_exists('my_plugin') ) my_plugin('option1', 
true); ?> for any plugins in my template that might need to be turned 
off (should probably do it for all of them, because of upgrade reasons) 
and have on occasion advised users to do the same.

I think a somewhat more user-friendly wrapper would be of great use!

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