[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-svn] [2476] trunk/wp-admin/quicktags.js: Quicktag enhancements

jill list at pericat.ca
Thu Mar 24 17:22:29 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

>Owen Winkler wrote:
>> Thank you, Carthik - Yes, my real question is, is the "next page" 
>> function on the cutting block?  I use that.  Or are we headed toward a 
>> sub-page feature for storing multiple pages?  Can we wait to remove that 
>> button until the replacement code is working?
><!--page--> still works, there just isn't a quicktag for it.

I think it is not such a good idea to remove a quicktag for an element that I (at least) have
never used outside of WP. I understood <!--page--> to be a WP-special convention, in fact.
New users will likely not know the functionality exists without that quicktag.

>> As far as semantics go, I'll guess that 80% of users don't give a darn 
>> about semantics, and just want their editor to look and behave like 
>> Word.  <b> and <i> may turn your stomach, but they require less 
>> explanation than <strong> and <em>.  About these two buttons, I don't 
>> care, but the next page thing is funcationality loss.
>Perhaps -- is it better to use the 80/20 rule and say most people mean 
>strong/em when using b/i buttons (and those that know enough know how to 
>change it), or encourage the generic elements universally?

I think button labels should match output as closely as possible. If the button says "strong",
the output should be <strong></strong>, and if it says "bold", the output should be
<b></b>. Second-guessing users' familiarity with markup is to start down a broad paved
road leading directly to the tiger pit. 


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