[wp-hackers] New Members - "May submit drafts for review" and delete them?

jeff at jrm.cc jeff at jrm.cc
Thu Mar 17 01:37:33 GMT 2005

Ryan Boren wrote:
> I think users with draft-only permissions (level 1) should not be
> allowed to touch published posts in any way.

I would agree. It's a nice option to let users modify a post (if it 
needs revisions) and then drop it back to a draft. That is, however, 
rather distruptive to a multi-author environment (my site will be a 
magazine website).

As for versioning - forget it. Way, *WAY* too involved a process to 
build of top of what we've already got going in WP. Ultimately more 
headache than this little feature warrants. Perhaps a future version of 
WP will support global versioning of posts/pages/whatever, but that's a 
long (3.0) way off ;)

I think, that for this case, I am going to agree with Ryan full on. Turn 
off everything for the level one user except the "Write" and "Users" so 
that all they can do is submit drafts and edit their user info. (I even 
have slight reservations to author data being editable without some kind 
of "higher up" approval...)

As another said in that thread, the dashboard is not relevant to a 
contributing author at all, and if users aren't allowed to edit 
published items, then they have no need to use the "Manage" screens - 
and draft they have would show up in the "Your Drafts" on the "write 
post" page.

On that note, is the "private" feature useful? Perhaps for drafts that 
are WIP?

I am happy to know that this is a well thought issue though :D

Jeff Minard

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