[wp-hackers] needs testing and feedback: small patch for nicepermalinks on lighttpd

Mark R. Andrachek, Jr. mark.andrachek at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 13:40:45 GMT 2005

I tried out the suggested patch, as I am not in favor of the 404
method (I also use gallery2 with permalinks, and would like those to
be able to work as well -- next on my list).

The changes seem to work fine for me (webmages.com), I also added
rewrite rules for:

url.rewrite = ( "^/page/(.+)$" => "/index.php/page/$1" )
url.rewrite = ( "^/comments/(.+)$" => "/index.php/comments/$1" )
url.rewrite = ( "^/search/(.+)$" => "/index.php/search/$1" )
url.rewrite = ( "^/feed/(.+)$" => "/index.php/feed/$1" )

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