[wp-hackers] script to generate a list of filter and action hooks.

Adi Jörg Sieker ml at adsworth.info
Tue Mar 15 16:55:20 GMT 2005


I did find a list of hooks and filters, but only after I wrote the 
script. So I'll post it here anyway, in case there is interest.
The script searches through the Wordpress source and generates a list of 
action and filter hooks. The list is written to two files one for 
actions and one for filters. It contains the name of the hook, file 
names and line numbers where the hook was found and if available a block 
comment just before the do_action or apply_filter call.

If others are interested in this script, I could beef it up a little
to produce Wiki Markup or HTML or output the data to stdout, etc. pp.

For those interested there is a download link here:


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