[wp-hackers] Blog-Stats on Dashboard

Christoph Rummel bronski at bronski.net
Thu Mar 10 07:58:16 GMT 2005

Sorry for posting here, Mosquito can't connect to its

I was wondering why my dashboard always showed me

	There are currently 1 posts and 2 comments,
	contained within 21 categories.

when I know there are more.

It seems number_format($numposts) in wp-admin/index.php
by default uses comma as thousands-separator, but in
Germany comma is a decimal separator. Some lines down
$numposts ist referenced with %1$d - I can only guess I
get hit by German localization here... $d seems to
strip off the decimal part which is actually hundreds.

When I change %1$d to %1$s and %3$d to %3$s get this

	There are currently 1,794 posts and 2,079
	comments, contained within 21 categories.

I guess that either number_format($numposts) needs some
more formatting, or there is a different solution? I'm
not too good when it goes to deep down into PHP...


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