[wp-hackers] Pingomatic request -Matt, Dougal

Carthik Sharma carthik at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 18:39:40 GMT 2005

Matt, Dougal,

Can you guys think of improving the API at pingomatic to enable users
to ping pingomatic with multiple URIs, sort of like the
"/updated-batch/" POST that is used in wp-admin/update-links.php ?

I am think that update-links.php could then be change to first submit
pings for all the URIs once before getting the last updated times.
This way, even if owner of blog "foo" in my blogroll doesn't use
pingomatic, update-links.php will be able to tell when the blog was
last updated (since the blog pinged pingomatic).

Even if my idea's half-assed, I hope you see what I am talking about.


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