[wordpress] Re: [wp-hackers] Plugin metadata

Kimmo Suominen kim at tac.nyc.ny.us
Tue Mar 8 04:44:58 GMT 2005

On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 11:38:18PM -0500, Elliott Bäck wrote:
> Kimmo Suominen wrote:
> >How about wrapping the lines at under 80 characters?  It would also make
> >it easier to read the text files from a web server.
> >
> Wrapping the files will make it slightly more annoying to parse, since 
> the regular expressions will have to span multiple lines.  Speakin of 

I don't follow -- the information under each heading of the readme.txt
file already includes multiple lines.  I don't think folding the
paragraphs would make it any more difficult.


+ Kim
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