[wp-hackers] Problems ?

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Mon Mar 7 13:52:13 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:

My apologies for coming over as an ass earlier

> I just listed a few things that can be told to them but I did forget one:
> * Disable all plugins

For now get them to list all plugins used, then switch them all off /

> Some plugins have really bad queries and code that I could see causing a 
> high load on a server with moderate traffic.

Do the authors of these plugins know ? If not can someone tactfully 
point out any issues and then either update or withdraw the plugin ?
Or do we just leave be ?

 > RK's
> strategy of opening up and parsing the referring page could also slow 
> things down a lot too if hit with a lot of unknown hosts.

Fair enough - you know more about that than I ever will :)

> Maybe "get a better host" isn't the best way to phrase it, something 
> like "I get 5x more traffic and have never had a problem on X" or "Your 
> host could fix that" or "There are tens of thousands of WP blogs, only 
> blogs on your host have reported any problems."

Sounds okay.

> Perhaps it's time to make a page of "known good hosts" on wordpress.org. 
> I can think of 2-3 that we have a relationship with and could function 
> as a advocacy partner. (Eg, they shut down your site they have to 
> explain why to us or they get taken off the site.)

Supported by me. There wil be inevitable forum noise about this, and 
maybe even hosts asking to be there ? So some criteria maybe ? Either 
way, I think it's a good move.

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